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Trimble GPSNet Users Seminar 2006

The seminar presentations can be viewed in the table below. To see the seminar program  click here
  Speaker Presentation
1 Dr. -Ing. Herbert Landau, Trimble GNSS Modernization and Network RTK
2 Dipl. -Ing. Simon Grünig, Bundesamt für Landestopographie, Switzerland Integrity Monitoring in a VRS Network
3 Ernest Bosch, Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya, Spain Operation Issues and specifics of ICC settings and interoperability with other systems
4 Dr. Paul Cruddace, Ordnance Survey UK, England "Repeater" Device - Special solution in the field
5 Dipl. -Ing. Walter Lindstrot, SAPOS NRW, Germany Some Remarks from SAPOS Operators using GPSNet
6 Dr. Peter Kolb, Trimble, Germany Advenced Ionospheric Modeling
7 Dr. Liao Hua, China VRS Network in Chengdu - China
8 Peter Wiklund, National Land Survey of Sweden, Sweden Long term experience using Trimble VRS technology
9 Lieutenant Colonel António Jaime Gago Afonso, Port. Arm, Portugal Aspects and Motivation on 1st Trimble VRS Network in Portugal
10 Giorgio Vassena, University of Brescia, Italy VRS Network in North Italy
11 Mr. Huang, Liren, First Crust Monitoring Application Center, China Eartquake Tianjin VRS establishment and testing
12 Dipl. -Ing. Martin Janousek, Trimble Trimble VRS v2.5 - what is new ?
13 Dr. Oleg Odalovic, RGZ, Serbia Nation - wide Trimble VRS System in Serbia
14 Dr. Liu Hui, GPS Research Center, Wuhan University, China Chinese VRS System testing methods in the cities of Shenzen and Dongguan
15 Christian Waese, BKG, Germany NTRIP - Purpose and Perspectives
16 Seppo Tötterström, Geotrim Oy, Finland GPSNet.fi - Trimble VRS in Finland
17 Jeff Hamilton, Trimble GNSS Infrastructure business review