A Series of Seminars were given about Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry and Geodesy by Prof. Dr. Gottfried KONECNY between  15-25/May 2007. Basic descriptions and a lot of applications all over the world from past to todays were been taken up in these seminars.

Participants :

  Sevsen BAŞPINAR  
  Ahmet Yücel ÜRÜŞAN  
  Abdelhamid ADAM  
  Halim BİRKAN  
  Mohammed Al RAJHI  

Seminar presentations :

  Remote Sensing RS 1, Laser_filt1, Laser_filt2, Laser Geometry
  Photogrammetry Ph 1, MapRio1, MapRio2, MapRio3, Ph Laser7, IstanbulDigicam
  GIS GIS1, GIS3, Cadastre, Geoinf1